Rax aka Ramchandev

Manager Web Developer

I graduated as Master of computer science Application from MCC. I am working as a Manager in a web development company. I have worked in all the department and I know the gamet of the website development. Over a decade I have worked on several websites. My area of expertise is coding. I love challenges and solving it via logical approach.

Husband & Father

I am married to Saranya and I have a 2-year-old son. We named him Ranakrish Sembian. Family life is power packed with fun and serious elements. Family is my strength, be it a happy moment or a sad moment I share it with them. After all, life is all about sharing and caring.

Part-time Painter

I love to draw pencil art and negative space paintings. Here are some of my creations.

Photography hobbyist

I love to capture natural beauty with my camera lens. Here are some of my clicks.


Life has lot of stories. Some are very short and some are very long. I have some shot stories and some medium sized stories. Have a read and leave your comments.


Imagination is a powerful tool. There is always a voice inside everyone. It tell us lot of things. This is section is for my thoughts. Read some of my thoughts article and leave your comments.


Technology is now part of our life. I am a web developer and I came across lot of challenges in my work. I have created a section to share my knowledge.

Latest Articles

How to cheat your brain

I always love to write about our brain pattern, how it works. And I always have this question is there another self inside us? Who is constantly with us from inside. Your brain can fool you sometimes and you want to believe what you see. But reality is always...

Voice in the Head – Part 5

Do you think only you guys have powers, I too have powers, I can create complex engineering. You can’t rob that Casino. I want to test my engineering, even superhuman should not break it. You can’t even get a single piece of information from me. All I want is single...

Voice in the Head – Part 4

Royal Casino is not an easy place to rob. One needs meticulous planning and lot of data. Understanding everyone's power is important. So they are 5 in this power packed team. One can remember all the cards and how ever if it is shuffled. He is called as “Memory...

Wrist fracture – Treatment & Recovery

Recently I met with an accident and you might have noticed very less activity in my website. Life has a different plan. Nothing goes as per our will without god’s will. I went through lot of process some were very painful and some are very happy. Let me explain it in...

Voice in the Head – Part 3

The great structure of the "Basilica of Bom Jesus church" bell struck 9 times and that sound woke Nivedha up. It looked like a cell. At first she thought police arrested her, but slowly she realized she was apprehended by a private group. She saw some guards were...

Voice in the Head – Part 2

Everything is very dark! Are you done yet? Asked Hari. I am on it dad said Nivedha. Yes, it is done, the lock is opened. Nivedha has special power too, she can open any lock. Her father understood her power and made use of it. He is the famous lock thief. He raided...

Book a Technical Talk

I have done lot of technical talk in various colleges. If your college, organization needs a technical talk then you can book my dates. I am specialized in creating and managing websites using CMS.