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Are you finding it difficult to complete a full novel? How about completing a story in less than 5 minutes?

Family illustration, a husband wife and a kid.


Husband & Father.

I am married to Saranya and I have a 2-year-old son. We named him Ranakrish Sembian. Family life is power packed with fun and serious elements. Family is my strength, be it a happy moment or a sad moment I share it with them. After all, life is all about sharing and caring.


Manager & Web Developer.

I graduated as a Master of computer science Application from MCC. I am working as a Manager in a web development company. I have worked in all the department and I know the gamet of the website development. Over a decade I have worked on several websites. My area of expertise in coding. I love challenges and solving them via logical approach.

Office illustration with a manager


Author &Writer.

From my childhood, I wanted to write and always tell stories. I pursued the passion and finally wrote a book which you will love it. My first book is “Stories Under 5 Minutes”
About the Book:

  • Different genres
  • Is it moral or punch line you decide after reading each story?
  • Piece of reality in each story
  • Various portrayal of love
  • There is a story for everyone.
  • Do you want to start a reading habit?


Pen & Pencil Drawing.

I love to draw pencil art and negative space paintings. Here are some of my creations.



I love to capture natural beauty with my camera lens. Here are some of my clicks.



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Life has lot of stories. Some are very short and some are very long. I have some shot stories and some medium sized stories. Have a read and leave your comments.


Imagination is a powerful tool. There is always a voice inside everyone. It tell us lot of things. This is section is for my thoughts. Read some of my thoughts article and leave your comments.