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Everyone is unique in this world and I strongly believe everyone in this cosmos for a purpose. I was born in Ulundurpet, a village with agriculture as its main occupation. My dad is a visionary who perceived early on that education is an invaluable asset for his sons. Consequently, we moved from our village to Neyveli, a nearby town so that we could get a good education.

Neyveli: A kid changes into a boy at school. Neyveli is a place where you can see green wherever you look; and it’s the power house of Tamilnadu. I also gained many ‘powers’ from its hands. My school days were actually a lot of fun. Friends, homework, hockey, cricket, cycling, fights, lunches, tests, exams, results, record notes and what not… This town taught me so many good lessons.

Trichy Uchi Pillayar kovilTrichy: A boy turns into a youth when he steps into college. College life is something everyone will remember forever. Fresh as air, I still remember the chilliness of the dew on the grass of the college grounds… I can almost taste the hostel food on my tongue… I recall every inch of my hostel room (where 8 students shared a single room)… then there are other memories like mass bunking of classes, movies, friends, roaming around town, window shopping, mobile phones, forwarding SMS’s, picture messages, getting our internal marks, preparing my record notes, the lending library, projects, results, arrears, playing carroms and so much more. Rockfort city was an eye-opener for me. This was the first time I was on my own. I had come away from my home town and was far away from my parents… I discovered my wings.

Chennai: A youth turns into man when he does his Master’s Degree. I did mine in a reputed college in Chennai. College amid vast acres of wooded land, a peaceful place within Chennai where one could just soak up nature. While pursuing a Master’s degree there is lot of weight on one’s shoulders. I was no different; I too followed the success formula – late night study, record notes, mini projects, industrial visit, internship, campus interview, paper presentations, debugging, web-designing… the list goes on…

Work Place: A man turns into a gentleman when he steps into his work place. I got my dream job… or you could call it my ‘passion job’. I am a web developer.
The workplace is a place where a diamond is cut and polished and finally shapes up for the sales. When it comes to the office I always remember tasks, emails, time-sheets, planning, execution, launching, ETA, FYKI, PFA, UAT, meetings, appraisals and finally, treats. It is a place of mixed emotions with laughter, pressure, seriousness, and fun.

Gadgets: An inseparable element for a man till his death, is gadgets. Mobile phone, Walkman, MP4 player, iPod, iPad, tablet, laptop and compact disc may sound ‘techy’ but these are things which we can’t ignore these days. I am a victim too. I own Sony XperiaTM Ray, a very good Android phone, Sony Vaio laptop and a Sony Pen drive. As you can see I am big fan of Sony products.

So there! To sum it all up, well, I am trying to find the purpose of my life. Meanwhile, I live a nice and happy life with my friends! I am married to Saranya and we have a sweet little kid RanaKrish Sembian. I love walking around listening to my android music player. I hate plastic and I always carry my own ‘green bag’ whenever I go to shops. I am doing my bit to preserve this world for the next generation. In simple words, this is me! To know more, check out the other sections in this website. Happy reading!!
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See Ya!

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  1. Just read your about page and you walked me through different phases of your life in less than 5 mins with a natural flow and crispy manner. Enjoyed it. Got a gist of how your “stories under 5 mins’ would be. Thank you

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