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Amazing Alex is really amazing

After getting addicted to “Angry Birds” there is finally something else you can get addicted to. The creator of “Angry Birds” came up with another creation called “Amazing Alex”. They have chosen the right name “Amazing” it is really amazing! Initially I did not even consider installing the game. But one day I installed the free version and tried the game. And I got amazed and bought the full version, it worth each penny that you have spent.

I always think how “Physics” fun games are created, do we need to be a geek to do that. A ball hits the balloon and balloon touches the skate board that hits the doll likewise the chain reaction continues to make a larger impact. Does that need any formulation, postulation or hypothesis to be followed? No, you do not have to be a geek or learn all the techy things. All you need is iPhone or an Android device.

Amazing Alex is such a game where they give you a mission to accomplish and things to use in order to accomplish the task. I have crossed many levels and I am still figuring out how to catch-all the three stars in each and every level.

Here is the intro video for amazing Alex

Laws and Rules!

The creators of this game have carefully implemented the laws and rules of Physics. There is gravity, motion and velocity. They also created logical space management. You can’t place an object over an object.

Final Impact:

I see two things that Amazing Alex game did to me. It gave me lot of thinking and analysis power. Because you have to asses all the possible moves in your mind and try to implement it. I also see a different perspective towards the game. In our life we are working towards a mission or a goal similar to the game mission. We use many tools to accomplish the goal in games as well as in life. In life the tools would be patience, tolerance, pro-activeness and much more.

Raxcor Recommendation: Install – Play– Enjoy!

Download it from Google Play!

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