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Catch Notes is very catchy

I was always does the packing in last-minute to catch bus/train. When the train starts something will strike me “Damm I forgot my camera batteries”. Absent minded is not a defect but it is being unorganized. When you have your smart phone then you will not be absent-minded any more, you will be smarter. Install Catch Notes and organize stuff, and forget what you want to do. It is catch notes will remember and prompt you in right time. I almost do every planning with catch notes now. MY tour checklist has 14 items that I should not forget, so before leaving the house just open you smart phone and put a tick against the item so that you double-check everything is there.


There are many other notes APPS in the market but this one is unique. This has a very unique interface with arc options as showed in the main image. The arc option starts (from left to right) with reminder, camera, notes, Voice recorder and checklist. It pop ups as if it is opened from a gift box. The transition effect is excellent. You can create your own space and put the notes in your own space. The space has super color combination interface.


I am more fascinated about its feature let me explain more on that.
Reminder: It is like an alarm which reminds you that you have to do something about the topic.
Camera: used to attach supportive images for your notes.
Notes: Used to store complete description of the notes.
Voice recorder: Speak something and it will play back whenever you want, so if you are a journalist then you can start recoding your entire interview and organize later.
Checklist: My favorite one, this helps you in organizing and well plan.

It is said that well planned task is always half completed. I do not want to you how planning is important to any task either in work place or in life.
Raxcor Recommendation: If you want to plan stuff, then why you are waiting go ahead and Install!
Summary: A good app for organizing and planning
Rating: 4 Star Rating: Recommended (4 out of 5)
Download Catch Notes form Google Play Store

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