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Contacts+ – Contact App

Bored with your clinical and normal dialer then it is time to have some fun. I have tried many dialer but contacts+ is one step ahead of all the dialer. There are many advantages in this app it comes with three packages. One your contact management two dialer three messages.

The first thing it does is picks up the contacts image from online and now I almost have all contacts with their picture. The next sweet thing I like is if your friend has the same contact+ installed then you can chat without the SMS charges (data involved) but if you are in WIFI zone then it is free.

The next thing I liked the most is its display option. It has two views one is list and the other is Grid. The list is the conventional method but I was fascinated by the grid view. It has three options in grid view small, medium and big. Play around to fit your screen size. I am sure you will love it.  This view can be sorted by three types, alphabetically, frequency and by Recency(by recent call list).

Contact+ comes with two theme options one is dark and the other is light. I liked the light theme. Hope you will love the both. There is something unique about this apps. They have mimicked Blackberry’s Peek functionality.  If you are viewing any ones contacts details then you will be able to view all their social networking information from single place.

Good App! Good features! Elegant! Simple! Plain! Awesome!

Download from Google Play!

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