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Essential Apps that any Andriod should have

Whenever my friends buys a new Android phone they ask me what are the apps I should install. I thought it will be useful to all if I list and provide download link to the apps.

# Name Description Download

1 File Expert A good file manager for Android. The good part you can use your normal WIFI to connect your phone and PC with FTP.

2 Drop Box Automatically uploads your camera to Drop box account. So your files will be never lost.

3 AnyDo Just type or speak what you have to do. It alerts you before the event as per your settings. It has a clean interface and good look and feel.

4 URSafe Notecase Apps that helps to remember your password and account details for you. For more details see URSafe Notecase

5 Tiny FlashLight Change your Android device in to a torch light. For more details see Flashlight your Android Device

6 Whatsapp An app that keep your friends in your palm. You will never feel alone when this app is installed. For more detail see whatsapp

7 Chrome Fastest browser for your android device.

8 MXPlayer This App plays almost every format in video.

9 OfficeSuite Viewer 6 Using this app you will be able to see the word and excel document.

10 SwiftKey 3 If you type a lot then you will love this app. For more detail see How you can easily type in Android devices

Some of the apps also has PRO version. You can buy the PRO version and use the full features of the Apps.
Android Rocks!

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