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How to optimize battery in easy 10 steps for an Android device

It is general compliant that android consumes lot of battery. There are few things you can do to save the battery.

Step1: Set your brightness level less than 50%
Reason: The screen size can vary from 2 inches to 5inches and even higher for tablets. If you see the battery usage it is always the screen has the highest usage.

Step2: Turn off WIFI when it is not in the range.
Reason: It search for WIFI availability and spends good amount of of your battery power.

Step3: Turn off Blue-tooth when not in use.
Reason: It searches for available devices all the time and it eats up the battery life.

Step4: Turn off Data Usage when not in use.
Reason: Personally I hate to do this, but I do not have any other option. The mobile tower ranges changes as well the connectivity. So every time the tower changes your connectivity resets and eats with lot of your battery.

Step5: Turn off Location Services when not in use.
Reason: The aGPS connects to the satellite via your WIFI network or through your mobile network. This process also eats lot of battery. Turn off all the option. When ever you want to use any map oriented service you can turn on this option.

Step6: Adjust your sound settings
Vibrate on ring: off
Dial pad touch tones: off
Touch Sounds: off
Screen lock Sound: off
Vibrate on touch: off

Step7: Set your sleep time to 15or 30 seconds

Step8: Do not use heavy live wallpaper, it is advisable to use picture(images) as wallpaper.

Step9: Remove unwanted background running apps.
Reason: Android apps really does not get completely closed when you come out of the apps. It runs in the background. To remove those apps, long press your home button, you will the list of apps running in your mobiles. Now slide it from right to left to close each and every app. This can save you lot of battery.

Step10: After doing all these steps if you find your battery is worn out quickly try to use some optimizer like Go Power master

Let us make the best use of it! Happy Android Using! Fall in love with Android 🙂

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