Recently I got a Blu-ray rip from my friend and it was in .mkv format. Seeing it on a laptop was very boring so I thought why can’t we play that on Android tablet. I connected an Android tablet and copied the mkv files to its SD card. Windows threw an error “This file may not play on your device, still you want to continue?” I said yes and completed the transfer. The Blu-rip was 480 P Rip format. I very much doubted the ability of Android. The file did not play on its default player. So I searched play store.

I remembered that I have installed MX player (Essential Apps that any Android should have). That solved my problem. It played amazingly along with subtitle. Even I had some hiccups with VLC player trying to play mkv file. My quest did not end there. I tried 820 P rip file and it played perfectly. WOW! It played like a PRO. So playing mkv files is not so cumbersome any more in an Android device.

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