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How you can easily type in Android devices

When I receive any email in my mobile and if I have to reply back then I have to open my laptop to type in reply. Because I am very much comfortable typing in a keyboard and not a mobile keypad. This is my ongoing problem I could not find any solution for this problem. One day when I was browsing apps in the Google play store I saw the Swiftkey keypad.

I did not give a try at my first sight, when the situation became really worse I am in desperate to find one keyboard for my mobile. All my problems are addressed by the Swiftkey app. It has artificial intelligence to guess your next word and puts it even before you type. This can save your time and this will correct the typo that you make. The good thing about this app is it supports Bluetooth keyboard so it can be connected to an external keyboard. There are two types of methods of typing precise and fast.  It has multiple themes it can match your mobile theme.

It is easy to install and ready to go, it got two versions one is free and the other is paid version. I got the paid version. Now it is all one to me, standard computer keyboard and my Android mobile keyboard.

Raxcor highly recommend swiftkey app. Download it from Google Play.

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