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How to manage your albums in iTunes?

Have you ever tried to organize your music in iTunes? If so then you would have faced some problem like grouping. At some time you will not get all the songs under one album. If you are an iPad user or iPod and iPhone user then you would have faced this problem. This step wise demonstration will help you to solve the problem.

Step1: Add your album to the music library. If the information in the album is not organized then you will see there are many album files which actually come under one album. See the below image for how it will look like if album info is not properly organized.

Step2: Press ctrl and select the album that has to be grouped. Now right click and got to the option called “Get Info”.

You are about to edit multiple file so it will ask for your confirmation. Click YES in the option.

Step3: Enter Album name and the Composer name and Album Artist leave the Artist field and other fields empty.

Now you can see the all the songs is under one album and it is properly organized.

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