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How to create a Karaoke track using Sound Forge

There are two possible ways to create karaoke track.

  • Using Plugins
  • Manual Cuts

Let us see how this is done using Plugins first:

Plugins are always cool it takes care many things on its own. When you buy a Sound Forge software SONY gives you a free plugins called Voice removal Plugin powered by iZotope. This plugins is amazing.
All you have to do is to import a track and apply this Plugin and adjust few settings as per your needs. All done now the track is for your Karaoke.

For more detail please visit this link from SONY creative.

Manual Cuts:

Manual part is always not easy. It requires more effort to bring perfection. Let us see how this is done. Our Basic Object is to remove or suppress the voice from the track so that it can be used for Karaoke.

Step 1: Import a Track in to your workspace

Step 2: Select the part where the vocal peaks comes

Step 3: Now Go to Process > EQ > Graphic.. (See below Image)

Step 4: Adjust the Equalizer manually or try some of the presets. (See below image)

Step 5: Give OK.

Do the same steps for all the vocal occurrences and save the track for your Karaoke.

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