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Farming and my family

Farming is one of the oldest known occupations for mankind. I am a farmer’s son.

After joining in work, it is very tough to help my father. Yes, my father is a hardcore farmer who does things in style. My mom is a farmer too, who knows all the technical stuff in farming.

One who knows the process and other is executor, sounding familiar. Yes, farming can be put into step wise process. My principal goal is to spread the knowledge of farming what my family has.

Thanks to Murali and others who motivated to do this. So what can you expect from this section of the website? Crop cultivation from start to end. Farming from a technical and execution point of view.

Here are some pictures:

You will have a complete array of information for a crop cultivation.

Farming is not an art, it is survival. Even mother nature might go against you sometimes. Farming involves a lot of process. Maybe it follows the waterfall model. Let me walk you through all these aspects in the future post.

If you have any questions, please post it in the comment section. I will get the expert (farmer) answers.

1 thought on “Farming and my family”

  1. Great effort, Ram.

    Somebody like me, who had moved to City many many years back would like to connect back to my roots.

    This is one way of fulfilling my desire. Getting to know about farming, understand at least something about it and appreciate the effort of farming. It is a small way by which I want to communicate this to the farmers and their family. I am sharing here my gratitude for them.

    Thanks to you.

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