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Are expectation and dream are the same?

There are many things in this world that one can dream about, but there are many things that one expects. Is there any difference between dream and expectation? How does expectation starts let us put it this way, you know tomorrow is your birthday and you are expecting something special from your loved ones. If you are in college then you dream about good job. Do you see a difference between these two there are few factors that determines which is dream and which is expectation.

The main factor is time it plays a very important role in many areas. If you are thinking one year ahead then it is a dream, if you think of something which is going to happen in very short time then it is expectation. Which one gives you more happiness and which one gives you agonizing pain. How that does creates impact in your life. How do deal with these expectations or with dreams.

Dreams are lovely here dream is not something you go to bed and what your brain sees as picture. In our context you think of your own future and what you want to become and how you manure yourself in your imaginary life. Dreams later become your ambition later it becomes your goal. I know many people who wanted to become something and end up in something. That is sacrifice made for many aspects like life, livelihood and mainly finance. But still in the deep of their heart it will crave for what they wanted to become.

Expectation is you do an action and expect another action. If the expected action happens then you are a happy man. If Not then you end up in lot of pain. Some are very painful and some are emotional. You expect something from two kinds of people one is stranger and other is your family and friends. When a stranger breaks your expectation you won’t be much affected but if same kind of expectation is broke by your family or friends then you indulge in lot of pain.

Dream or expectation when it has happy ending no one is affected but when that fails some one wins and someone loses in that. How do we want deal with it? Here is the simple solution, always dream high and break down that in to small achievable portion. Always have PLAN B. If one fails you have to move on with the other ones.

When it comes to expectation it is little bit hard to deal with but you can cheat your heart by doing something UN-imaginable. The solution is simple work like an integer if you expect something to happen then rate it in the positive number. Now also expect the same in the negative aspects (calibrate it in the negative number). Ask your selves many question like “what if”, that will not make you pessimistic.

So dream High and it is good if you do not expect more but it is good to expect in all possible happenings. Keep moving with your life there are many more things you have to deal with it.

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