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Getting Back to Aspiration

After seeing Jayam Ravi co star Aravind Sawamy’s latest movie, there are so many things to learn. This is not a movie review but like to discuss few things that can be implemented in our Life from that movie. The key dialogue is “Keep one idea and make that as your life“. I had so many dreams and I was chasing all that concurrently. Which was a huge mistake. They say that to do more productive work do a single job at a single time. Too many balls on the air at some point you will lose track at some point.

So I got a feeling that moving from most aspiration is nothing but compromise. When there is a compromise there is a dead drop in QUALITY. Got to do something but what to do? May be this will help you:

  • List all the things that you wanted to do
  • Write down how much you can move forward with each item
  • Now write down your skills against each item
  • Pick the one which you think you could achieve with your skills
  • Now erase all the other things, just dwell the one you list picked

Now that is the one single idea which will make what you are. Soon you will find out what was on my top of the list. After doing this exercise I think I am back to my aspiration. Are you?

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