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How to cope work from home

With the recent Covid 19 pandemic, the world is learning new things and we are adapting the new ways of doing things. Here are a few things I follow to cope with work from home.

It is difficult in Indian culture to split and work and family. When you are at home, you get that relaxed feeling and that will surely affect work productivity. What we do is to bring in more focus we tend to do things overboard. As a result, you will sit on your chair for long without moving a little. And it is very difficult to close a day and say goodbye to your colleges.

The work from home can be very difficult for the actual work doers and for the managers. Just because they are virtually connected managers can’t see the mood of the worker and tend to overload with a lot of tasks. And the doer also tends to get upset that they are loaded. Here are the things you should follow to bring in the balance.

Applicable to anyone who work from Home:

  • Be time cautious, see if you can complete all the work before the office time
  • Dress well! Just because you are at home it does not mean that you can work in your home dress that will not inspire confidence.
  • Create a desk like an environment and keep things that you usually keep with you at the workplace
  • Keep alarm for every 2 hours and move around. Maybe go from one room to another.
  • Have a chit chat and come back
  • Take a water break, your legs need blood flow, so walk to fetch your water
  • Make yourself good furniture to sit and work. If you sit down the floor and work, then that can be a disaster. Keep improvising the furniture plans until you get comfortable.
  • If you are alone, then schedule a time for your cooking, get things sorted out before the work
  • Break for lunch at your usual time, watch the news and learn what is going around
  • Kill the lioness by playing music, after all, it is your house
  • Try to close the day on time
  • Before going to bed, change your clothes so it gives a feeling that you are actually completing the work and switching to family mode

Applicable for the employee:

  • Don’t overdo your job or under do the job
  • Your emotions are not seen, so be predictable
  • If you have to adhere to a process, then follow it meticulously
  • Don’t do a lot of multiple tasks, maybe two at a time. Focus on one and get it completed and move on to the next.
  • Greet your fell employee, to inspire confidence
  • Take part in all the group activity that is happening in the chat, don’t get isolated yourselves
  • Reliability is one of the biggest keys here. You should make yourselves very reliable.
  • When you take a break, inform the team in the chat. When you come back to the desk inform them.
  • Plan your work in the morning and set the expectations that these are things that you will do today
  • Give a mid-day update
  • Also give a closing day update that way you will be organized, reliable
  • Do it consistently be transparent possible.

Applicable for the Managers:

  • Help your team to plan the day
  • Be reasonable in the deliveries
  • Set a process for the team
  • Don’t press the pedal too hard
  • Give them a nudge and see how they are reacting
  • Managers tend to spend a lot of time in speaking and organizing so don’t overdo and you may get easily exhausted
  • So plan the day and be proactive and pre-emptive them before each activity
  • Use nice words in your email
  • Motivate the team and speak to them and appreciate that they are doing a great job

Let’s be united and get through the tough time and learn how to deal our priorities. Hope the Covid 19 stop its spread soon.

Stay healthy! Be healthy!

2 thoughts on “How to cope work from home”

  1. Hi Ram, Hope all are doing well. I read an article which is very important points covered in the current situation (COVID 19). Excellent 👍.

    1. Hi Sridhar,

      Yes, we are doing good and safe as well. Thank you, I am planning more topics to cover with related to COVID19 situation.

      You too please be safe and we will all get over it.

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