If you come across any problem then how do you solve it? Some problems are solvable and some are not. Always there will be a solution for any problem but the solution comes with constrains. Accepting OR denying those constrains make it possible OR impossible. Constraint may be of any type, it may involve a lot of money, people and mainly time. Anything can be speculated as a problem and you can look for a solution to it.

You may consider a task as a problem and find solution to the task. Recently in my work place I came across a task which seemed to be simple but it did not. As soon as I undertook the job I jumped to solve it hoping that these are very simple and achievable. But after couple days hard work I found solution to that problem the answer to that problem was simple. What went wrong?

First my brain said that was a simple problem I can easily solve it. This was the first mistake. The next thing is I did not fully understand the process root cause for the problem. After a day I admitted myself that this is a big problem I need to pay more attention on the details. End of next day I learned the whole process and got clear picture of the problem. That is all I found my answer.

Understanding the problem is very important. Do not anticipate even before you know what is the problem is. So application mind with little logical approach will solve any kind of problem. Today’s big business man once faced huge problem, they solved it and because success. There is no thing called success formula, it is your perception towards a problem. Get involved and solve your problems.

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