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Twist and turn part2


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Ajay’s long wait ended with the bus honk. Bus was nearing his stop and his heart was pumping blood all over his body. He was tensed and any one can figure out something is wrong with him. He stepped in to the bus and his eyes went to Pooja’s spot. She was sitting in her usual spot and she was actually chatting with her friends. Nothing changed from her end. But Ajay is totaled!
Now Ajay was more confused and now he has more questions in his mind. He was very much upset and his shoulders drooped and his head were down. Pooja already noticed his reactions. He did not see her for that day. But something struck in to Pooja’s mind. Ajay state of ignoring made her uncomfortable.

That raised many questions in her mind. Now it is her turn to ask same set of questions. It was cool and slightly drizzling that morning. Pooja was sitting at her spot and she was waiting to see Ajay, but unfortunately Ajay did not show up that day.

Very next day everything changed and there is lot more twist in the story. Ajay came to the bus stop but he was shocked to see Pooja standing in his bus stop. He could not move further his lungs almost stopped working he exhaled very long breath to come to normal. But his friends were making fun of him. And he corrected his hairstyle and moved towards her.

She was standing and he was standing beside her. It was dead silence, even breeze can be heard. Suddenly she turned and spoke to him. “Can you come to Coffee shop today at 4 near my college?” He nodded his head but he did not reply. Music was playing in his ears and he could not stop that. Bus came and she went in. Unfortunately her spot was occupied and she has to stand in the aisle.

Ajay’s friends almost pushed him over her. He felt very awkward and backed from her. But his feelings liked it. Her perfume aroma made him to disappear in air. And her fingers were perfect example for feminism. Gold ring added more beauty. Ajay enjoyed every bit of it. But he was also experiencing undefined fear in his heart. Pooja looked very calm and cool.

It was 3.30 and Ajay was rushing to coffee shop. He had all the imagination in the world what is going to happen. But something else happened.

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