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What is happiness

What is happiness: It is a state of Joy. When someone is happy how long that happiness stick with them. Why happiness always prevails in short-term. Is happiness is forgetting the sadness. Is happiness is an emotion or an external factor? Which is driving us to be happy.

When I was a kid I wanted something to be happy when age changed the things that made me happy also changed. When I was a in my 3rd grade chewing gum and its bubbles made me happy. When I was in my 5th bi-cycle made me happy. When I was in my 7th grade Walkman made me happy. When I was in my 10th grade compact disc player made me happy. When I was in my 12th grade watching Television made me happy. When I was in my bachelor degree mobile made me happy. When I was in my master degree computer made me happy. And now it is internet and Laptop made/making me happy. What’s next?

I have mentioned many non-living things which can be bought using money. If I get a bi-cycle during my master degree then that will not make me happy. Something which made me happy earlier is not making me happy later. Why is that? The thing is always thing! That does not change! but our perception towards need (need +right time =happiness) changes. There are some things that money can’t buy. But still you can enjoy the happiness.

When you come back to your home in the evening and thinking about a dish and if you see the same dish in the dining table then that is happiness. When you are about to propose a girl and that girl proposes even before you then that is happiness. If you and your friend tried very hard to get a movie ticket and watch a movie together that is happiness. These are human emotions converted in to happiness. We may lose interest in things but not with human emotions. It is an outbreak of JOY. Happiness is inner feelings reflection. That comes as smile and laughter even some time dance.

Pay respect to your inner feelings and fill your heart with Joy with your friends, family and your loved ones. Make the best use of single time life. Happiness does not stay long but the memories with that person stay long and make us Happy. Think of all the happy moments in your life. And also think of who shared those happy moments with you. You will see your happy pattern in your life. Be with that person and make them happy. In turn happiness will try to stay longer with you.

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