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What is programming? Is it an ART?

A series set of instruction fed to computer to do certain process in a stipulated way. It would be very easy if computer understands the normal language like iPhone SIRI. Let us say if SIRI is installed in all the computer for programming then programming can be done like this
“If customer bought more than 300 RS then give free shipping”
“Add VAT for every transaction where VAT is 14% of the total”
“If payment fails then redirect to an error page”

Life will be very easy if computers understands our spoken language but it can only understands 2 numeric language which is ones and zeros. There are specified languages like C, C++, Java, Python, Cobal, PHP, ASP etc… which computers can understand. Still we need to install interpreter and compiler to execute the program. Programmer job is to learn this language and write program using that language. This may sound techy but if you put it in simple words programmer is a person who prepares a set of instructions which computer can understand.

Why in the world programming is said an ART:

A set of instruction is not same for two programmers. Programmers do not solve a problem in a similar fashion they have their own way of writing programs. They also stand firm on the solution that they gave is superior 🙂 So no two programmers has same perspective, they have their own signature that is why is it called as an ART. Every ART is a unique piece.

I would say if a programmer thinks of all the possible cases and probability and writes instructions to catch those exceptions then it is called fool proof and smart programmer. Always there will be plenty of cases and scenarios even in life, if we anticipate and work back words then we not only solve problem based on computer but also solve life problem.

Programmer has an advantage of foreseeing things, so gear up programmers apply the same logic in your life to make your life fools proof. Happy programming!

2 thoughts on “What is programming? Is it an ART?”

  1. Excellent one. You have mixed the life and programming. It is true if we able to tackle the situation it will be applicable in all situations.

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