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Wrist fracture – Treatment & Recovery

Recently I met with an accident and you might have noticed very less activity in my website. Life has a different plan. Nothing goes as per our will without god’s will. I went through lot of process some were very painful and some are very happy. Let me explain it in reverse chronological order:


Mid of Dec, i met with an accident. I was riding two-wheeler with my wife in the pillion. I was very hungry and it was very sunny at 2 pm., I was in little hurry. I pushed my vehicle beyond its capacity.  We stopped at signal and started the speed again. Few were doing jaywalking, suddenly a kid with his moppet crossing in the jaywalkers path. I was in position to control the vehicle and “BANG!” Yes, I collided with his vehicle and my wife was thrown away.

Luckily I wore a helmet and I always made a point to do so since my first ride. After looking at my helmet I got scared. It literally saved my life. I was left with wrist fracture in my left arm and few scratches in the other arm.

People were very helpful, many of them gathered and helped us to move to sidewalk. And they did first aid. I was so worried about my wife, she had a hit in her head and few scares all over arms. We rushed to nearest hospital and found she is well and I was diagnosed with “Volar Barton’s Fractures”. It looked very simple from outside but things are not simple inside. I was in huge pain, my hands swelled like a balloon.


After long aberration my brother and other family members agreed to operation as Doc explained why I have to go through Implant surgery. We could have gone with the traditional way of curing through stiff POP. But for me it is “Distal Radius” the bone which helps to wrist action. And this demands Stainless steel or Titanium Plate. Doc decided to go with AO swiss as that will help in restoring the hand movements back.

Prepping me for the operation was very toughest. 8 hr fasting without water! Yes! I usually eat punctually and I was starving. Due to some reason the first day I could not go through the operation.  So I broke the fasting with the juice and next 8 hr fasting continued for the second day. I looked week already! Finally I was taken to the operation theater.

Operation Theater:

As far as I remember before giving me local anesthesia I remembered so many things. The operation theater has all the floor with aluminum sheets. I was connected with all crazy wire to monitor all my vitals. I felt very cold. I got consciousness now and then during the course of operation and I could hear drilling and screwing sound. It took almost two hours to complete the whole process.

I was then moved to recovery room and my arm had huge bandage and  was supported with pillow balance. My Brother and my wife was allowed to see me. I wanted to burst into tears. But they are already doing it. So I wanted to keep it light so I said “everything will be all right”

Post Operation at Hospital:

The next 7 days was very difficult. They inserted the IV (Butterfly) syringe in my right arm and in left side ways. So my both hands are unusable for 3 days.  By now you have guessed how much I have to dependent on others. Many family and friends visited and I have done that for many people and now it is my turn to see it from the other side. I was under painkillers and slowly the painkillers retreat and I felt so much pain.

After painful 7 days, finally got discharged and I was advised to do some exercise as POP will make my arm muscle stiff.  And in one week time I have to get back to remove my sutures. With that goal in mind I went to my home.

Home recovery:

My son found something was wrong with my hand and he was very hesitant to come near me. Even 1.5 year old kid could understand something is wrong with my arm. I stayed awake and I do not wanted to develop bed sores. So I was walking inside my home. My mom and wife took good care, food is the best medicine to recover very fast.

After a week when the sutures are removed, the skin did not snap back well. So POP was continued to another week. Next 7 days went by watching Tv Series.

Physiotherapy Recovery:

After a week time, POP was removed and I experienced completely a different feeling. I was asked to place the stacking rings and asked to grab small sized objects and to place it in the right cutout. But I could not do it. I never thought I was there in that situation. We take things for granted and smallest of the smallest thing may come haunting us.

I was in so much pain and I wore a sling even though the POP is removed. Just to inform others that I have a disability. It requires lots of courage and willpower to do the exercise when you are in the recovery period. Lot of time I used to wiggle my thumbs, but that was my prime goal. What a change over.

The disability brings lots of strength in you. It brings in a new person inside you. I went through the “Wax Bath” treatment where they keep the hot liquid soaked, and squeezed cloth wrapped around my wrist and restore the movement up and down. Initially when I started I had only 20% of my wrist moments. After 10 sittings, I was able to bring back 95% movements back.

In this tenure of recovery, I saw so many people with different disability. When compared to them, mine is nothing. They are still strong and positive that they will get through that.

My experience:

This whole episode unleashed so much thought process in my mind. Acquainted with new people. Overwhelmed by the care that everyone showed. Felt so much special. There is a great game play by the GOD. Usually that road has lots of buses and truck traffic but that pocket of time, none was there. So many things, A renowned surgeon did my operation. My family and friends care and my willpower helped me to get through this tough time in my Life.

Just remembered this line from a Book “Tough time do not last and tough people last!
Stay healthy! See you all in another post!

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