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Are you in love, celebrate her beauty

If you are in love and her face always comes in front, celebrate her beauty with these songs. Love is not a feeling but an emotion. And that emotion runs deep into the vein. He always has a smile on his face because her face is crystal clear even in the darkness.

Why celebrate her beauty?

Beauty is skin deep. One which is beautiful is not the same for your eyes. Love itself is so beautiful and it makes your soul pure. The amount of caring and the love you show to your loved ones can’t be quantified. Beauty is not tangible it does not have any measure and it is purely personal.

Here are some of songs which you can listen and send as gift to her.

You can listen to this playlist in Spotify

Listen to celebrate her beauty songs in Spotify
Other alternative to this collection is:

Koncham Coffee Koncham Kadhal

Love for her and songs

In real life, there is no music and songs, but still, we can relate to the situation and cherish the music. Everyone falls in love at different stages of life. I funnliy say the love bug has bitten. You can easily identify the symptoms of it. You can see them having a smile always. It brings insomnia. No appetite. This does not have any medicine but it can be cured by seeing her two times for each hour.

I have picked various artists songs purely going by the lyrics of it. Some of the songs are very close to my heart. Some songs are indirectly express love and emotions.

Listen to these songs enjoy the moment and you can share this playlist to your loved ones and say this is how I feel about you and that is how you are.

When you think about your love, what song hit you first? Add it in the comment section!

Love you all!

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