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How about only voices – Tamil Songs

Music is always fun to listen to. But there are times that we need to listen to only voices. There are times where we need that type of song. Here are some of the songs that I have curated to listen to all alone.

Why Only Voices Songs?

When the brain is too much stressed with a lot of things, it needs a rescue. Music has healing power, but it needs the right kind of music, like the right pill for the right disease. Some voices are very comforting to listen and it can bring the emotion out and your brain feels relieved.

I have put together vocal-based songs. When you put your headphone on and listen to these songs these will calm down and give you freshness.

When can I listen to these songs?

You can listen to these songs in the evening time, night time, and when ever you feel like you need peace then these are the songs for you.

If you are a traveler and if you travel by car, bus, train roll down the window and get a breeze on your face and listen to these songs. Trust me you can enjoy the songs and the natural breeze. If it drizzles then nothing like that. Also when you travel in the hill station then it will fit the environment as well.

Listen to this playlist in Spotify:
Listen to Only Voices in Spotify
Some more options for the slow/melodies songs:

Evergreen Raja’s Melodies

The feelings that you can’t express:

These are songs that can express the feelings that you can’t express. If you are in love with someone, share some of these songs. Surely your loved one can understand the feeling through these songs.

Life is very beautiful and you can enjoy it when you enjoy the moment. Enjoy these songs along with your life moments.

Please leave your comments and let me know what is your fav vocal song.

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