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Raining Outside Listen to these Rain Songs

When the dark clouds form in the sky, everyone gets that raining feeling. Rain is an essential element for every living being. It is not only the water source, it is the LIFE source.

Why Rain Songs?

As soon as rain pours down, I ask my mom to make bajji and hot tea and sit next to the window and enjoy the tea and the rains. To accompany that moment without music is a missing feeling. So here are the rain songs that can go well with that moment.

Rain and Love:

Holding an umbrella and holding your loved ones hand along with a umbrella will automatically brings in the love feeling. If you are in love then rain can be your best friend. It can be very dramatic, imagine you take your loved ones in the pillion in the bike without any raincoat. The tight hug around your body and rain’s chilliness can be felt in both outside and inside.

As you imagine rain are the directors treasure, they can easily convey the full emotion with passion in the rain. When the heroine spins in the rain and it is captured in slo-mo then hero’s heart spin as well.

Rain can be the realization of emotions, it can be happy and also sad. But here are the songs that only brings happiness:

You can listen from Spotify:

Listen Rain Songs in Spotify

Some alternative to rain songs

Try other some chill songs that you can listen during the raining time:

Evergreen Raja

Need more rains?

To get more rains you can do something about it, by planting more trees. In this busy and rush world, we forget that our lifespan is less and our next generation needs the same earth that we enjoyed. So plant some seeds and save the earth.

Enjoy the rains and the songs. Please comment your fav rain songs.


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