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Runners here is your playlist, Run Machi Run

Runners looking for a playlist while you run, here is you go. I have put together energy booster songs that can help you to run the track and finish your goal. Every runners will put on their playlist and run. Did you ever wonder what type of playlist a runner listen to when they run? When I was a runner (not now) I put on random songs and I keep skipping it. Trust me that is a pain!

What is Runners Playlist?

Running is more than regular activities. There are avid runners who do 10K every day. I am not going to talk about the benefits of running but I am going to help how to keep up with the running with these sets of songs.

Running needs perseverance, it is pushing yourself to do more. Like I said before music has a pattern and it creates a memory. Our brain has this power of connecting. When I run I usually have 3 playlists and repeat it alliteratively and take the same route. The songs will tell you how you have progressed. I keep a milestone with the songs. That is me! But giving you an idea of how music can help.

One more aspect is type of music. You can listen to melody it will reduce your adrenaline. Not too fast, it has to be balanced. So I have curated songs that I want to listen during my run, walk, jog. Mostly the songs are happy and energetic.

Here is the Run Machi Run – Runner Playlist:

You can listen to this playlist from Spotify

Listen Runners Playlist songs in Spotify
Other alternatives for the Running:

Celebration Songs

Why wait get starting with your running

Put on your shoes, and put on your headphones and listen to this playlists and pump some blood from top to toe. Running is one of my passion and I personally picked theses songs. Enjoy the songs and add your fav song in the comment section.

Run Machi Run, stay healthy and enjoy the music.

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