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Work From Home – Tamil Songs Beast Mode

Work from home is the new normal. This pandemic put us all inside their home and we are made to work from home. With a lot of meetings and full-day work, I realized I missed listening to music. When you are a person who does a lot of coordination then it is not easy to listen to songs. But it is very important that take enough breaks and during the breaks, you can listen to these songs.

Working from home is not an easy task. You can learn more about how to cope with working from home. You can read it. Here in this post, I have created 100 songs playlist, which is sufficient for a day fuel. If you are a person who does a lot of coding and writing I think this will best suit you as this has a lot of mixed genres.

Why 100 songs list? Why can’t be less?

A day is full of emotions. Right from the day start to planning and mid-day meetings and status updates, you go through a roller coaster of emotions. It is very difficult to say in the same mental state throughout the day. What I have done is picked fairly recent songs and mixed them up the genres and created this playlist.

Some songs may perfectly define your mood on this list. Work from home is not an easy task. You have to bring in the right balance and keep going.

How to listen to this playlist?

You can for shuffle mode or the continuous mode. I prefer going in the continuous play.

You can listen from here:

Listen from Spotify:

Listen work from home songs from Spotify

Are you bored of this Working from home Tamil songs beat mode? Here is the list of other playlists that you can try:

Koncham Coffee and Koncham Kadhal

New Age Songs

Work while you work and play while you play! Please do comment and give your feedback on the list.

Take care!

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