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Fire songs to cherish the powerful element of nature

Fire songs to cherish the elements of nature to understand its power. When the fire is there the mood is very intense and powerful. Put that into songs will pay off for the analogy. So to show a powerful meaning and to create impact songwriters always use it.

Why fire songs?

I have planned to create a playlist for all nature’s elements. Fire is one important and many things happened in history after the invention of it. I look for songs when I get into a scenario. In last year we went to Kodaikanal and we had Bonfire and I was actually searching for some relevant songs. So, what I saying here when you are camping and see a fire then you can try to play this playlist.

Here is the Nerrupu Songs: Nerrupu reference in Tamil songs

Listen from Spotify:
Listen to fire songs in Spotify

When you can listen to these songs?

As I said before you can listen when you do a bonfire and when you run and where ever you want to some energy booster. Nights are the best time to listen to these songs to expereience the heat.

Some alternative to fire songs:

Run Machi Run

Nature has given so many gifts, without that our existent is always a question mark. Hope you will like the concept of grouping the songs as per nature’s elements. The songwriters/lyricists always do the analogy with nature’s element to show the power of a character. And they do show the mood.

You can easily relate to you, our brain works that way. The songs that I have picked in this playlist are some of the songs that I have listened and searched and added. if you think if I have any with the nerrupu reference then please add it in the comments and I am happy to add it on this playlist.

See you all in the next element of nature.

Peace Bro!

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