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How to extend your website feature

I wanted to add few extra functions in my website with out writing much coding! Lazy programmer! So I did a research and found this tool which has good ability to extend the feature of a WordPress website.

What is a Custom Post?

As you all know, in WordPress there are two main concepts called Page and Post. To explain you in very simple terms, pages are static and it does not change like “About Us”, “Services” etc. But Post is dynamic you can add post daily etc. It has its own framework and what if you need much more than the Post and wanted little extra from its framework. Then comes “Custom Post”.

For example if you are an artists and you want to create a feature  which will explain about the concept and idea of a painting. And you want to add images, description and categorize it. Then Custom Post comes in handy.

Do I have to be a Programmer?

Well, a bit but not fully. Being a programmer my first impulse is to code. But this time I stopped and looked at options to create custom post. That is where I found this WordPress plugin “WordPress Creation Kit” that helps to create Custom Post as breeze.

Create and Use it!

Next steps are very simple, install this plugin, using this plugin create your custom post with required fields and settings. And you are set to go!

I will create step by step tutorial to how to create custom post using WCK in next post.

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