Here is the lot of people’s favourite dish Briyani’s recipe. It is famous all around India.  What is more interesting about this dish is its taste varies from place to place. It does not have a universal recipe. That gives lot of leverage for me to try it. I have put my recipe which I learned from various people and places. I went through lot of recipe and made it very simple, so any one can try this at home. All you have to is to collect the ingredients correctly, all the others are very easy. Let us see how to make Briyani, probably this is Chennai style.

Ingredients Needed:

Vege Items:

1. Big sized onions – 3
2. Tomato – 3
3. Mint leaves (Pothina) – A Bunch
4. Green chilli – 3
5. Garlic and Ginger Paste – 2 Tablespoon
6. Lemon ½

Main Items:

7. Basmati Rice (4 cups if you are serving for 4 – Preferably India Gate Brand )
8. Chicken 1 Kg (Big Pieces)

Spices Items:

9. Indian bay leaf (Bringi leaf or biryani leaf)
10. Green cardamom – 2
11. Cloves – 2 or 3
12. Cinnamon – 1
13. Star anise – 1 or 2

Masala Items:

14. Garam Masala – 1 Tablespoon
15. Briyani Masla – 4 Tablespoon (less spicy go for just 2 spoons)
16. Keasri Color – A Pinch

Other Basic Items:

17. Coconut grainded – 1 Cup
18. Ghee – 2 Tablespoon
19. Sunflower Refined Oil – 4 Tablespoon
20. Curd – 2 Tablespoon
21. Water – 8 cups ( for 4 Rice cups x 2 = 8 cups)
22. Fresh Coriander leaves
23. Salt

Finding it very difficult to follow the spices name? Here is the wiki page which gives Tamil/Hindi/and other regional language names.

View spices name in my language

Preparation Method:

First take all the ingredients and put it in a plate so you do not miss anything. I took all items right from vege, masala, chicken and rice. Soak the rice for just 5-10 mins before adding it.

Next step is choosing a heavy bottomed Rice cooker. Keep it over a high flame and use the Ghee to the surface of the cooker, so it slowly descends to the bottom. And pour refined oil and wait it to get heat up. Now add Biryani Leaf, Green Cardamom, Cloves, Cinnamon, Star Anise and allow to spatter a little.

After which we are ready to prepare the base masala of the Briyani. Add chopped onions and green chilli. Fry for 1-2 min till the onion turns glossy. Now add Mint leaves and tomatoes. Mix it well and add Garlic Ginger paste and mix it continuously, as Garlic has a property of sticking to the bottom. Add Garam masala to the base and mix it well. You will get a good aroma, and you will achieve good red color, like the last image of this section. Now reduce the flame to low (simmer).

Now add coconut powder and over that add chicken pieces spread that so you create a layer of chicken over the base masala. Now add curd and some lemon drops. This will make chicken very tender and soft.

Add Briyani masala, add water now, this is the key, for 4 cups of rice you need to use 8 cups of water. You can actually stop when you pour 7.5 cups of water. Chicken, onion and curd has water content so that will fill the rest. Now add Rice to it. Add Salt as per taste. After adding salt taste the mix, it should be salty. Take the color power and  spread it like a line, so you get a good mix of different color of rices. Increase the flame to high and now close the cooker and allow it to cook. After 3 whistle stop the flame.

Leave it there for 20-30 mins. This is the standby time, you might be tempted to open, but patience  is virtue. During this time, the rice loses its water content and as a result it will not be sticky.

When you open the cooker, you get a good aroma of briyani. Just put the fresh coriander leaves and mix it gently, so the chicken pieces do not shatter. For this you can move it to another big vessel and shake a little bit, so it mix well and masla moves all over the briyani. Serve it with Cucumber, carrot, onion mixed with salt and curd Raitha.

Hope you enjoyed it. Photos taken by my wife Saranya. Will meet you with another recipe for step by step process. Any comments, just send it through below form.

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