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Doggy Waggy

What is with this dog? Why this is looking at me like this said Vikram. He did not like the whole dog species. He did not know there are more than 300 breeds of dogs are there. And millions of dogs are living all around the world. He ran back to his room shouting at her sister. I have said so many times “Chain this dog”. Vishali came with her face-pack on. For a second Vikram got scared. Dog is living outside and inside. What? questioned his sister.

He went inside his room and buried his face in the bed. He was very tired. His parents both are working and they would make it by 8 in the night. His sister is studying in Nursing college. And only Boxer stays at home all the time. His father takes Boxer for a walk in the morning and evening Vishali takes for the walk. Vishali is active member in Blue cross and Vikram hate that whole thing because of his previous experience with dogs.

When he was studying at primary school he used be a big show off type. One day in the school playground there was a small puppy wandering here and there. To show his masculine before the girls he took a stick and started to scare the dog. But the opposite happened! It started to chase him. He started to run and it is no mood to leave him. They ran 2 whole round the playground. Girls laughed and laughed. Finally dog jumped and bit him in the back. Nothing serious but his half pant was torn. So his half pant had a big hole. Everybody teased him for that and they called him Postbox for that.

That embarrassing incident did not go away from his life. It was Thursday night and whole family is planning to go to a wedding in next city. Vikram had management meeting on Saturday. He was busy preparing presentation. Mom and Dad said “Son, make it on Sunday to the wedding place. We will be all waiting for you”. Now Vishali is turn and she gave serious instruction to him. She in fact handed over a Manual book how to feed Boxer what needs to be done in the right time. He glanced the time sheet. There was an activity for every couple of hours. What am I owner or a servant?

Mobile Alarm was ringing it was in his fifth snooze cycle. Then suddenly he realised that it is already 9 in the morning. He was in real rush and he completely forgot Boxer. He rode very rashly and reached his office by 10 AM. It is Friday and everybody came in casuals and somebody were a 101 dalmatian movie T-shirt. Then he realized he left Boxer all alone without feeding. No way he can go now. His boss was checking his presentation and giving him his feedback. He felt very bad. His imagination went very wild. What if boxer dies! Vishali will go mad.

It was 7 in the evening, he rushed to his place and he called out Boxer name for the first time. Poor boxer did not respond back. He went near to its house. It was lying and breathing heavily. First he thanked god for keeping this dog alive. He did not know what to do next. He slowly kept his hand on Boxer. It growled! He withdrew his hand suddenly. He took his sister instruction and prepared the food and kept in the box. And slowly he pushed the box to its nose from a distance using a stick. Boxer smelled and ate that furiously with all drooling. He did not like the sight that was not pleasing.

After feeding he was happy everything went well. Her sister called and asked to take the dog for the walk. Only then it will excrete. What the hell! Do I have to take the dog to pee and poop. Yes! You have to do that Just for couple of days. Then I will be back to take care of Boxer. He went to his room and wandered here and there and finally decided to take Boxer to walk. He came down suddenly there was a lighting and thunder. That should have hit the neighbours. He fell down in the grass and blacked out. After couple of hours he slowly blinked his eyes. His head felt very heavy. And he felt he had four legs. And his tongue came out without any control and what inhaling and exhaling very heavily.

He took a peek and he saw there was a person lying down there. He said “Hey Dude!” but it was heard as bow bow. Then he looked at his hands, it is not hands but legs with claws. He felt he was naked. Something happened and he became boxer and the dude that is lying became Vikram. The real game started from that point.

His neck had chain and he felt how that will to strangled with a chain. Why GOD! Why! Is it because your palindrome is DOG! that is why you made this shift. Dog Vikram slowly stood and he laughed. It had a wonderful feeling to stand in two legs and grab things with its hands not with the mouth. They both had a conversation in dog language. It looked liked they both were barking against each other. Somebody crossed the place and looked the garden and said funny world.

It is almost 3 in the morning. Dog Vikram sensed something is happening in the next door. There were some 5 thieves who broke into next door. Vikram’s years rotated and located the noise. He did not even know who is in the next door. They just moved in. It alerted man Boxer. Then they both decided to capture the whole gang.  They had a mix talents of both dog and human. They both slowly entered the house and thieves already packed their bags.

The plan is dog Vikram will attack from back and man boxer should attack from the front. As soon as they took the position. Boxer switched on the lights and stood in front of them like a lion. It had absolute zero fear. No man can stand like that, only dogs can do that. Boxer said “You can’t go passing me”. Now Vikram took a clean look at what they have and how the attack can be carried out.

It barked crealy the details and Vikram attacked as per the plan and finally they both were able to catch the thieves. People in the house came and thanked them. There came a beautiful girl out of a room and thanked Vikram and hugged the dog. Dog vikram was very happy and went back to their house. Dog vikram looked at the girl and walked but a human can’t do that. He was very happy and he said we make a good team and went to their respective beds.

Morning sunlight hit his body and he found he was lying naked in Boxer dog house. Vikram got his own body and rushed to his room. Boxer was sleeping with shots and T-shirt. Hey Boxer! come let us go for a walk! and it barked! And he understood! They are now buddy buddy! everybody in the family was surprised! And Vikram got a girlfriend!

Dogs too has Souls! We do not see that! Respect it for what it is!

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