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On the other side

Radika packed the lunch and kept it ready on the dining table. I was in the half sleep and took my brush and went to the bathroom. I sang a good song while I am in the shower. The hot water bath in a winter season is really great. I saw vapours moving from my body. I wiped the mirror misty and started to look my face. Made two-three hairstyle and posed before the mirror. Came out of the bathroom quietly and got ready for the work.

Radika is my wife and she is a good house maker. She left the job for our Kid, Vishnu. Vishnu is just 1.5 year old. I grabbed the lunch box and kissed Vishnu who is still sleeping. I am very happy with everything. All is well till I started to interview a person at work. I took the car and started towards office. I reached office and everyone greeted me. I am at good position and handful salary.

Mr. Gopi can you do an interview by 11 AM asked my office HR. I saw dark circle under her eyes and she looked very stress in the morning. There is a new project it needs 30 developers in a rare tech. So I guess she is doing double shift to recruit. She does the primary round over phone and shortlist the candidate. For next round technical person like me will do it. It is a tiresome job, you have to simile and be very gentle and pretend you are a very nice guy.

It was almost 11, there are 4 people I have to interview by face to face. I finished 2 and I am not quite satisfied. I called for next person her name is Gayathri. That name rang a bell in my mind. That was my girlfriend name, we were like love birds. I just took that resume and looked at the college name and I was dam shocked. She knocked the door and asked permission to enter. I got nervous and my legs are shaking.

I wanted to freeze that second. I quickly ran the complete movie of Gayathri’s episode in my life. The day I saw her for the first time. She was in red color patialla outfit. It was simple and WOW!! It was looking good on her. She looked amazing and my college has a good walk around space where there will be yellow flowers scattered. I wrote plenty of poems for her. Once I had opportunity to read out my poem in college stage. Everyone shouted her name and that is how I proposed her.

Days passed, we came to know each other and exchanged letters, gifts, sweets and some kisses too. His dad is stenographer in session’s court. Someday there was an assault in the court premises. After witnessing it, he got heart attack. From that day everything changed. She had to take important decision for her family, they moved to North India from Chennai. One of his uncle is a good doctor, so he can take care her father without any money. Back on those days, mobile are not considered as essential item. The only way to communicate to her is via email.

I have sent plenty of emails and I never got a reply. I even sent my mobile number but never got a call. I always had her in my mind as my dream girl. The minute never freezes and she came in to the conference room. I saw her after 10 years. I wanted to ask so many questions. But nothing came out of my mouth. It is global phenomenon that candidates who come to interview will be nervous, but here I was trembling.

Hey Gopi! How are you! I stood up and said I am fine and doing well. No man should experience it! It was unexplainable feeling, it is like a lump rolling in your throat. In spite of it, I shot all questions at a stretch. How come you are looking for a job? How is your family? Do you have any kids? How are you generally? She was very cool and composite. Oh! Oh! Hold on one question at a time. Yeah! I am doing well. We started conversation and asked someone to interview that last person and we moved to café to continue our conversation. After 2 hours, she said ok, Gopi I have to leave! But why? What happened to the interview? I can give you this job! I wanted to show all the humbleness and goodness from me. But she said no! it is better this way and left.

I lost sleep from that day, I got an email from Gayathri. After reading that I was completely down and cursed my fate. It said,

Dear G,

I read all your emails, I know you would surely come for me, but I was selfish. I put my family before you. I had plenty of sleepless nights and I wanted to badly speak to you. But something stopped me. I wanted to lay on your shoulder and cry aloud. But that would make me weak. You saw me as happy and charming person. I do not want to show my other side.

I know you could get this job but I do not want to mess your life again. After all love is all about taking care! I never want you to fail in any aspect. Due to recession my previous employer took 10,000 employees job. We are in the hunt. Sure I will get a job! do not worry about me. All you have to worry is about Vishnu! Give all my love to him. And take care of you! You have put on some weight. I will be fine! We will be in touch.

– G

I respect her thoughts and views, now I joined a gym to shed some weight! 🙂 after all love is all about taking care!

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