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Voice in the Head – Part 1

Things are not even clear, Ravi couldn’t stand in his legs. The accident created a cloud of smoke and no one is clear what happened. Ravi is not a normal person. He has a special power. He can just get into anyone’s brain and know them from the start to end. Initially he thought that it is gift. But as time progressed he realized it not a gift  but a curse.

He can’t just like that get into any one head, there is a process. If someone says “You don’t know what I am going through”. That is all, his brain activates and he feels what they are going through. He has lot of people stories in his mind. He literally feel the pain and pleasure what they go through.

He ran away from the home when he was 16. His father was always fighting with his mom. And one day during the fight he said the key words. Then Ravi got to know his father is cheating on his mom and he has another family. He can’t withstand what his father did and he thought only because of him his mom is with the dad and he left the home. He took 3000 Rs and left the home, hoping his mom would get better.

He could not get into his mom mind as she never complaint about the pain she has gone though! He now knows the power of mom. As soon as he came out of the home. He was both scared and happy. He took a train ticket and left to Goa. When he was traveling he had visions about his mom and what she might be doing. He was very much worried. But he did not wanted to be a burden.

As soon as he got down, he felt a relief and  started to walk. When he reached a place there where two mobs, who is ready to fight each other.  Oh! He stopped there and started to watch. One said do you understand what I am trying to tell in different language. As soon as he said Ravi got the whole memory download of that man. That is the first time he realized that his brain can pickup the keywords from any language. Now he got the subject matter why they are fighting. He decided to stop them and stood in front of them. But there is one problem “the language”. He spoke for 5 minutes, they did not even understand a single word. Oops! He was sitting ducks there.

Now he realized what he has to do, which is RUN! As he ran away, the two mobs started to fight. Man! It is just a piece of land why people had to go through so much pain to acquire wealth. He is just 16 years old kid, who has so many years of experience in his head. Material life is not the destiny. He knows it!  And he started to work. He wanted to work on the language part, even though he had solutions he could not express.

He reached a hotel to stay and they asked for proofs and stuff but he did not have any. So he went to a beach side and laid down, he has trouble in sleeping. He can’t sleep like a normal person, because as he closes his eye, everybody’s story will haunt him. Either he has to be unconscious or he has to tranquil himself to sleep.

He decided to booze and he went to a nearby bar. He asked for the drinks, meanwhile he saw two couple speaking, where the female was telling “Do you understand my feelings” and the male said “You, first understand my feelings”. As soon as he heard, Ravi knew everything about that girl and the boy. So he decided to communicate in English and said Don’t worry “He has feeling for Neethu”.  And he continued “Preethi, there is boy called  Roshan, who loves you truly, leave Naveen.”

They both got shocked and Ravi left the place with his drinks. He went back to the seashore and he sat down. As he opened and took a sip, suddenly there were 5 men and grabbed his arm and legs and gave him chloroform and they threw him in the boot of the car.  And the car started to cruise the Panaji roads.

To be continued…

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