Everything is very dark! Are you done yet? Asked Hari. I am on it dad said Nivedha. Yes, it is done, the lock is opened. Nivedha has special power too, she can open any lock. Her father understood her power and made use of it. He is the famous lock thief. He raided many banks and stole only little amount. Nivedha did not like the idea but she still accepted because of her mother.

Her mother Vimala is a cancer patient, who is trying hard to survive. Hari and Nivedha do all these to save her. Hari is very smart and he plans the robbing well and Nivedha make it possible. The ECG monitor was at steady phase and vimala was sleeping. Nivedha came closer to her. She wanted to sob but she could not! she looked at her mom face. She had a very charming face and nice hair. Now everything is gone. He can realize why father is so desperate to save her life.

As a teardrop fell, her mom woke up. Why are you crying? Asked her mom. “Mom I need you back. It is very hard to see you like this” replied Nivedha. Do not worry I will not be burden any more. My time has come said her mom. Now Nivedha sobbed No! MOM! We will surely bring you back. But how? Where is the money? I am not sure how your father is managing to pay the hospital bills. As a wife, I should not burden the husband. The world is better without me. No! No! No! Angrily Nivedha went out and called his dad over phone.

Dad, let us do a big robbery so we can bring mom out of this death bed. Hari was confused just stealing 10, 20 K is not enough, he wanted more but he also know there are lot of risks involved as well. He decided to rob a rich man home instead of bank. And take care of Vimala once for all. Anything should be fine like gold, cash, diamond should be fine. He picked a house and watched all the activity for two days. Now he knows exactly how many cameras in the house and how many guards in the house.

He explained everything to Nivedha and She had nil fear. She felt she was invincible. That is too much confidence for a 16 year old girl. Ok, let us get this done. Both wore a black dress and black mask and spoke only in sign language. They have to pass through 3 different security layer. One a watchman who is guarding the gate from the outside. Another who is roaming in the lawn. And the last one inside the house. They both know exactly what to do.

Nivedha opened a car lock which was standing nearby the house and the car started to beep. The watchman was curious and went near the car. Hari sprayed something and the watchman went unconscious. Nivedha stopped the car beep and they put him inside the car and locked from the outside. They moved on and opened the door. Nivedha water gunned the camera. It was not just plain water, it was mixed with corn flour and the CC TV camera became complete white.

Now the plan is to bring the lawn guard out. So they slowly opened the gate, the iron sound grabbed his attention and he looked at it as called Sawmy, is that you? No answer! So he came out and looked left and right in the right side there was a touch lite lying near the car. He ran towards it and Hari sprayed from the back and he went unconscious. They put him along with the other guard.

After successful two steps, they have to clear one more level to loot the wealth. Nivedha went to the front door and used her tools to unlock the door. Suddenly the alarm went on and one more guard ran in to Hari and grabbed him and the guard broke his leg. Hari said RUN! RUN! And Nivedha did not want to run away. She grabbed a flower pot and dropped it on the guard head. The guard was bleeding and his blood ran over Hari as well and the guard stopped breathing.

Hari was scared and asked her to RUN, this time she was scared and ran away. She went to the hospital and her mom was sleeping peacefully. Police arrested Hari for murder and he was put behind the bars. He miscalculated the whole guard count. There were two guards in the lawn. And the lock was heat sensor and bio-metric which triggered alarm even though the key combination was right.

Police came to the hospital and Nivedha was fell asleep. The policeman saw her face and did not inform the news and went back. The next day, her mom got seizure and doctors rushed and he vomited blood and fell in the blood and passed away. Nivedha cried loudly and she do not know what to do now. Her father was arrested for the murder that she did and mom is no more. She did not want to be there any more, she ran to train station and boaded a train and hid under the seat.

A day passed by and The train stopped and she slowly came out and saw the board which said “Vasco da Gama” Station. She landed in Goa soil. She was furiously angry and hungry. It was daylight she went near a bakery and the doors were locked she used her hair pin and opened the door and took a loaf of bread and had a bite. Suddenly there were 5 men and grabbed her arms and legs and gave her chloroform and they threw her in the boot of the car. And the car started to cruise the Panaji roads.

To be Continued…

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