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Voice in the Head – Part 3

The great structure of the “Basilica of Bom Jesus church” bell struck 9 times and that sound woke Nivedha up. It looked like a cell. At first she thought police arrested her, but slowly she realized she was apprehended by a private group. She saw some guards were walking with heavy guns. She heard some mumble and looked around. There was a small girl who could barely walk. She was beaten so badly and her face could not be even seen.

She came closer to her and grabbed her. Who are you? Why are you here? Who are they? She had lots of questions and small girl did not reply. She showed some signs and fell in the floor. There was a beep and two men entered the room. They had a robotic voice and asked her to come with them. Nivedha was scared to death and she started to walk.

While she was walking she found that was a huge prison and each cell there is a healthy person and a sick person. As she got passed the cell. She found a central unit where there were big plasma TV and it has some many CCTV footage running. She was completely confused and could not make any conclusion.

She was made to sit in a dining chair where there was lot of food. She never saw so much food, in one place. There was a maid who helped here with the cutleries.  There was only one more chair on the opposite side. She asked to start eat. She picked the roll bun softly and placed in her plate and started to eat. She got in the groove and started to every like a cannibal. As she was eating there was a table dragging sound. There was a man who had white hair and he looked very old.

He slowly sat in the chair and asked her “How is the food?” She said, yes wonderful. The man said, your life will be wonderful if you take my orders and do whatever I say. You may think to reciprocate, but you will have no choice. You have to understand two things. There is no one searching for you at this time. And someone is going to give their life for you. You do not understand, do you? She was filled with fear and slowly shook his head that she did not understand. He snapped his finger and there was a sudden flood light in a room.

There was this small girl who was her cell mate is is put in a chair. She had lot of wounds in her body and man poured a sea water on to her. She started to shout and screamed in pain. There was another man who lashed her with a belt. She shouted her name. She was in so much pain. She fell off from her chair and Nivedha dropped the bread in the plate what she had in her hand.

The man started to speak. See, you are gifted by god and I am a person who respect that. I will never give you any physical pain, which can be easily forgotten. Every time the small girl told your name in pain, it will echo in your brain and cause you so much pain. Now let us try again. He snapped his hand again and the floodlight was put on.  Her condition was even worse. You can make her feel better. Will you take my orders and do whatever I say? She said Yes and they injected the small girl with medicine and she went to sleep.

She was made to sit in a conference room and she looked around there were four of them who was so much terrified and looked one another. One of them was Ravi, who looked even terrified. The lights went off and the projector turned on.

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To be continued…

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