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Voice in the Head – Part 5

Do you think only you guys have powers, I too have powers, I can create complex engineering. You can’t rob that Casino. I want to test my engineering, even superhuman should not break it. You can’t even get a single piece of information from me. All I want is single note from each vault, that is all! I am not in need of money. You guys already lost most of the time already. You better hurry, or you will see these little people die before your eyes.

Ravi, did not know what to do! Even one seemed to stuck. Your clock is ticking my dear kids. The man walked away from them. Everyone walked here and there and do not know what to it. There is only 4 hours to rob this casino and they don’t even have a plan in hand. Suddenly Ravi conceived a plan. He explained that to team and all agreed and united their hand and said for the kids, we do!

Casino was busy with gambling and partying. Python was sitting in the opposite cafe with his laptop. Rest 4 entered the casino and all 4 were stamped with the tracker bug. Python hacked the bug and patched to different people tracker with all the four. So one level of victory for them. Nivedha dressed up with perfect western wear. Ravi can’t help his eyes and she looked so beautiful. Nivedha found what Ravi is doing and she smiled and walked away from him.

Memory monster started to play the games. He did show some signs and doctors decoded that and took him to the control room. Meanwhile Nivedha moved to the AC duct and moved to the first floor vault room. They are targeting only one vault at a time. Meanwhile in the control room, interrogation was going and Memory monster gave an address and said this, If you bring 5 kids alive I will tell you how they are going to rob the casino. The plan is to get the kids to the safety and double cross the old man.

Nivedha genuinely wanted to break in the Vault. Sniffer touched some people with  invisible ink randomly. Ravi wore a glass and he saw who are the marked people. Those are the people who belong to casino who is vulnerable. Ravi took a walk and went to a man who is standing rigid. He poured some juice on him and said

“Sorry, how are you feeling

What? I am feeling all right!

No, Something is bothering you, can tell me how you feeling.

No, You can’t understand my feelings”  That is all Ravi wanted, He got the complete download of his memory and said, Do not worry your daughter will get better. And walked away from him. Nivedha, the key combination is 42816.

In the control room, “You want proof. You can see, the main gate on the first floor will open and there will be power surge and most of the CCTV will not work. Like he said, Nivedha entered the key combo and power surged and CCTV went out. They called their Boss and a man walked with full black suit came near him. He was shocked to see the same old man again! Oh! My GOD!

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