Good day everyone. It is a persistent effort from me not to loose the writing habit. All these days, I was little bit drowned with too much of thoughts which ultimately did not achieve anything. We started reading books together at our office.  Nice habit! Which actually gave me lot of tips and insight to my problems and ways to solve it.

Things that I wanted to do for this month

There are so many things that I wanted to complete this month. The spans from house to office.

  • Story for this month
  • Explore theme X
  • Buy and install AC at house
  • Plan the work and create a actionable plan at work
  • Buy furniture for home
  • Install Anti-virus in my lennova tab
  • Collect bills for tax

And the list grew everyday!


The Problem

In that list I completed some and did not touch few, problem was I was juggling too many balls on the air. I really failed to prioritize the list and do it one by one. The power of my multitasking failed. I wanted to understand why! I did all the planning in my mind place. Some planned succeeded and some failed. Finally I found why I failed. See the right side column for the solution.

The Solution

The Book “The Habit of Winning” by Prakash Iyer gave me the solution. What I learned is to set a goal. After setting a goal, plan to achieve it. Do not change the Rabbit but change the tactics.  what a thought. When you have too many thing to do, try to finish of one by one to give your 100% on the task and move to another. That is the primary lesson. They always say stick to basics. And I started to follow it. Do 1 task at a time, and give your 100% for it, then move to next.

With my new learning, I was able to see whole lot of difference in me. The other thing what I am working is time management. This is the one, which always been a nightmare for me. I have never master this art.

For now, just set a goal, plan it and give your 100% and move on to next. Never try to move all blocks at the same time. Best example (Said by Madhan) it is like doing parallel download in torrent.  No downloads would be completed in the morning, but still they would have made some progress, which is of no use.

So friends, let us get organized concentrate on one thing and get it done.

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