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Kerala trip – a visit to god’s own place

I and my brother with his friends went to Alleppey. We spent one full day in boat house. We started from Chennai in dusk and reached Kerala by Dawn. As soon as we stepped in to the town of Alleppey it started raining. We enjoyed the rain. The weather was cold and we felt the freshness in my mind and eyes. We spent all the day in boathouse in the backwater of Kerala. We thought night in a boat will be a nightmare but that is the not the case. Rooms in the boat where like a hotel room and AC as additional option. Good part is we had a crew with a cook. Our cook was a typical Kerala cook. He prepared all the dishes with coconut oil which is very new taste to our taste buds.

A fish vendor came to our sailing to us and asked if we need any fish. We anxiously asked him, where are the fishes. He smiled and said the price of the fish and asked us how much kilos you need. We said 2KGs. He came in another half an hour with 2KGs of live fishes. He did the fishing there. We put our cook in to action for the fishes. He acted quickly and prepared some fish curry and served us. We had a typical dining table like a restaurant in the boat house.

Captain of our boat allowed us to drive the boat. It was fun and gives you more pleasure when you drive that huge boat. We travelled to a nearby village and halted for the day around 6PM. Our boat was anchored to a coconut tree in the bay. We roamed around the village and saw many interesting things. Those village people use the backwater as their main mode of transportation. There is some govt boat service which operates like a town bus.

After the boat house we went to a trekking place called Kuttikanam in Kerala had huge mountain, we initially thought we will be able to climb all the way to top but later we understood that was an impossible task. There where tourist guides who took us to the top of the hill in Mahindara Jeep. The Jeep ride was so bumpy we hardly sat in the Jeep seats. I fall sick and puked many times. The tour guide explained many things about the place and he also showed the water reservoir for the whole area. The place had very fresh and moisture air.

From the Kuttikannam hills we went to Athirappilly water falls in Kerala. It was heavily raining we hardly saw the falls. We could not take our camera out but still managed to take one or two picture. Kollywood people was filming a song in the falls, crowd was very much excited about the shooting not the falls.

Overall the trip was fun, thrill and adventurous. Everyone in India should see the God’s own place “Kerala” The beauty of the nature is wide spread and you can’t take a bad picture from the boat house. Whatever we clicked became memorable for us.

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