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On the road again, listen to travel songs – Vol-1

On the Road Songs

Hitting the road again after this pandemic and looking for travel songs then here is the playlist for you. Traveling is one of my great hobbies. But with the recent Covid-19 situation travel has come down. But you can still explore your local vicinity.

Why road songs are important when traveling?

When you are traveling, by motorbike or in a car, It is very important you listen to songs. There are many reasons for it. I will explain it. For example, when you listen to a song and cross a place, you can tie that visual with that song. When you listen to the same song you can visualize it again. Meaning you can relive that moment again.

Even one can travel without passport but not without music. Songs are very important tool to travel.

Travel can bring happiness!

Exploration of this world is the ultimate quest for mankind. One can’t do that without traveling. Only you travel you get to see places and meet different people. And the biggest thing is food, you can enjoy it only you travel.

Here is the songs that you can listen to when you travel:

You can listen to the playlist from Shopify:

Other alternative for travel songs:

Koncham Coffee Koncham kadhal

Why Mix of songs?

When you travel as a solo then you can pick any genre of songs and listen to songs. But when you travel in a car, there might be chances there can be people of different ages and they might have a different liking. So to satisfy all genres I have picked the various styles of songs that won’t let you down.

These are ideal when you travel by bike, car and train. Allow the breeze to blow on to your face and music to flow on to your ears.

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