Royal Casino is not an easy place to rob. One needs meticulous planning and lot of data. Understanding everyone’s power is important. So they are 5 in this power packed team. One can remember all the cards and how ever if it is shuffled. He is called as “Memory monster”. Another one is hacker who can easily break any firewall. He is called as The Python”. Another one has a power of smell, he gives completion to canine. He can easily tell who has the gun and what they had for lunch. He is called as “The sniffer”. Ravi is called as the “The Brain Bat” and Nivedha is called as “Lock Smith”. This is “The A team”.

Ravi headed the whole team and they took orders from him. They had language problem. So They decided to have code language. They defined, so many pattern and its meaning. Some of the pattern is very interesting. Nivedha was amazed by his ability. But she does not know, these are something he learned from different people brain. She slowly started to like him.

They have only 12 hrs to rob the casino. So, they have to rush fast and get things done in jiffy. The very next plan to learn about the casino. Ravi asked Python to show all camera feed from the casino. Pull the blueprint of the building. Memory monster see this and remember it. We three have to meet some people and get some information.

It is almost 8 hrs and the team re grouped and they started to discuss their findings. Ravi explained the full process. Entering into the Casino is easy, but getting out is very difficult. As soon as we enter they put a stamp on your neck, which has a bug which will show your location. So everyone is closely monitored. There is no swing cameras or oscillation. They have installed cameras for every 30 degree angle so we are constantly monitored and if we do any sign language they will easily find out. They even have a sign language interpreter.

Interesting factor is  they even have a psychiatrists who can read the body language and the eyeball rolling. So it is almost impossible to cheat them and enter in the vault. In fact there is no single vault. There are several vaults in each floor and this casino is 8 floors. Each vault only holds 10 crores. More than that, moves to next vault. Each floor has 10 vault and at any given point of time there will be 500 crores. If all the vault is full they move the money to the bunker, which we are not sure where it is. All these information was pulled by Python. And we still do not have a plan.

Ravi put his mind and he could not find a loophole and it is water tight. He almost wanted to give up and suddenly the small boy came to his mind and his sufferings. All the four were thinking and trying to give their idea and nothing is viable.

So, he wanted to find the man who created this tough schematics, so he can read his mind and understand the schematics better and find the loophole to rob this casino. He yelled at the old man, I need to find the man who created this place.

The lights slowly pawed way for the man to walk, he walked slowly and came near Ravi, “and here I am, who created the place”. Everybody was shocked and they had so many questions.

To be continued…

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Photo Credits:

Daria Nepriakhina

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