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How can I own a website

Websites became part of parcel of today’s life. Increasing technology forced every one to have smart phone. Without a website even a corporate can’t be trusted. There are so many things attached to websites. But I am going to explain ways that you can follow to own a website.

Basic elements for a website:

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting Space

Domain Name:
domain-hostingIt is very basic, like everyone has to name to identify similarly it is your website name., etc. [domain-name].com or .net or in
You can check and buy domain name from these website, which I trust personally:

Be creative and come up with easy way to remember your website.

Things to do when you choose your domain name:

  • Keep it very simple
  • Look for less complicated spelling
  • Avoid hypen
  • Avoid Numbers
  • Avoid shot forms

Hosting Space:
It is like your home address so that letters can reach you easily.
Choosing Hosting is another task, you should be very careful when you pick your service provider. Thins to consider when you choose your Hosting provider. Hosting providers can give you fancy services but you should look for these mainly.

  • Good Bandwidth
  • Good Backup
  • High Security (less hacker prone)
  • Good Support (Customer service)
  • Script Install
  • Latest Tech (meaning if you are opting for Linux and PHP, look for latest PHP version support and MySQL Support)

Any one can provide other services like unlimited space, unlimited email, unlimited domains. Do not fall for “Unlimited”.

Some of the good Hosting providers are:

If you feel all the above are confusing, but I still need a website. It is very simple sign up for these free service,

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