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How to unlink Skype from Windows 8

Sync, cloud are latest jargon used across devices, I have all windows devices like Windows 8.1 OS laptop, Windows 8.1 Touch Tablet,  Windows 8 Mobile. That is too much Windows. It was so cool at the beginning, later I realized any thing I do on my tablet, get affected on my laptop and Mobile. Things became even worse with Skype.

I used my Microsoft email account to login to all my devices. So all the time I was online in my Skype even though I am not. My official communicator is Skype and you know the risk of staying online all night. Slowly my office college lost trust on my status. Even though I was online they are very reluctant to contact. So I decided to clean this mess.


My first approach is my brain, I had two plans to uninstall Skype in almost all device that I have. I did that but I was showing online. I did not lose my cool, tried another option. Changed my Skype password and I was confident that will work. But unfortunately  I was wrong.  Now I had no options to meet Mr. Google for solution. Surfed for few hours and found there is settings on

I unlinked myself from Windows 8. Now Skype and Windows 8 are not synced together. Now I was able to sign in and sign out properly. Huge relief, thought I should share with you all.

See Ya!

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