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Windows 8 An amazing operating system

After Oct -26th 2012 every windows user has something to cherish which is Windows 8. Windows XP was the stable version and I know people who believe Windows XP is the only operating system that exists. All the time I was boarded to see the landscape wallpaper and the unexpected crash. I was really sick of that. The very next version of the windows was even more disappointing. No one ever liked Windows Vista. After Windows 7 everything changed for Windows. Those who made fun of windows operating system keep quite after experiencing it.

Now the Game is total different we are talking about Surface computing with windows 8. The best part is the performance is high. The booting time and the shutdown time is lighting fast. I even wondered whether it is shutdown or log off.

The Tile View:

The unique view of the Home screen with tiles is highlight feature of Windows 8. The notification process and the gallery smoothness make it even better.

The store:

There are many apps that are available for both commercial and for FREE! I hope current APPS is more than enough to start with.

The Gestures:

There are ten different points of gesture in windows 8. The major gesture is if you point your mouse cursor to the top right corner of the screen you can see something like this. The search is something like your all programs. The search works like a gem. The search works based on the application basis.

Like wise there are many more new features that make Windows efficient, beautiful and competitive. I would suggest if you are a Windows 7 user then you should think to upgrade before FEB-2013. Windows running offer till Feb-2013. Make the best use of it.

I like/LOVE Windows 8 Hope you will too.

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