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A guide to work from home – Basics

First things first

What is the first and essential thing that you need to work from home? Yes, it is your computer and a solid internet connection. A better piece of furniture is a study table if not then go for a dining table. In this post, I will cover some basic guide to work from home.

Sitting Postures

Unfortunately we have to get glued to the chair for a very long time. Make sure at least we get the posture correct. Make sure these are followed:

  • Eye-level to the monitor, meaning you should not bend your neck to see the screen
  • Rest your spine to the chair
  • Correct height to the keyboard and mouse
  • The proper angle for the legs

Here is the illustration of how to sit. To put it simply, make your posture straight and do not lean forward.

How to sit while your work

Other things to do while working from home

  • Hydrate very often
  • Take Tea/Coffee breaks
  • When you leave for lunch or break, set your availability
  • Don’t run AC all the time (save power), if you have a window, open for fresh air
  • Wear semi casuals, make yourselves presentable
  • Groom yourselves
  • Have a wall clock or have a desk clock. I will do a separate post on why you should have a clock in your work place

I will cover some more interesting topics in coming days…

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