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How to get organized myself in 4 easy steps?


With so many things happening around, how do I get organized myself? The answer might be easy but seeing results will take some time. To help you to organize better there are 5 easy steps that you can try. Are you ready for getting organized?

1. Planning

This is not a new concept, but have you tried it? Let me explain the planning part with a real-time work example. Let’s say you work for a company and your manager wants to get a job done pronto. The job is you need to create a presentation with the quarterly app performance data. So what is your first reaction? You would probably think I should get this job completed and get a good name from the manager and you wanted to prove your ability. Which is good, because that is your goal. without the goal, you can’t really achieve anything.

Planning for the task

Now that your goal is set, try to create small achievable goals which we can call steps towards the goal. So what are the steps that you can take to create that presentation?

  1. You need presentation software pretty basic, but having it on the steps always helps
  2. What is the title of the presentation? Who is going to present it?
  3. Do I have to include all the data? or which data I should project?
  4. Who is the audience? Are we going to present it to board members or to external vendor for a next pitch?

By now you would have guessed it. All it takes is to ask the right questions even before creating the presentation. I would say if you have a bunch of questions, you have done your planning right.

2. Committing to the task

If you don’t put your heart and soul into a task, then you can’t do a good job with that task. Why? Because of lack of ownership. You might say this is not my job to do. Why I should do this? if you have these questions in your mind then obliviously you will not own the task. In the lack of ownership you will not give your best. Even if you don’t like the task, you have to give your 100% as it is good for organisational goal.

So when you commit to your task, you will have a greater focus and you will give your best. So commit towards it and show the people what you really can do.

In this example if you are 100% committed you will get all the answers for the questions that you have prepared.

3. Work within your time to get organized

After committing to the task, block your time for it. Work in that time frame. To do that block your calendar for that time. So if anyone is scheduling or planning a meeting, they can see your availability and might not even include you for that meeting.

Devote that time to that task. Don’t think about any other tasks while doing this. So called multitasking might not be a good approach here. We are humans and not robots.

In this example, you will work only the presentation in that time. Other tasks can wait.

4. Giving proper closure

The important activity is delivering the task, but even more important is giving proper closure to the task. In managing a task or work, closure is a very important aspect. Why? That gives the conclusion for a task. That is the scale that helps to weigh the quality of the work. If something goes wrong don’t worry, always ask for feedback, without mistakes there is no success. Success is built on mistakes.

By organizing yourself you are setting an expectation with the team, which in turn makes your predictability. The predictability brings in trust. These are the gifts that you get when you are organized.

In this example, you prepared the presentation and presented to the team and got their feedback.

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