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How to remember things easily and act on them?

Is this question really silly? How to remember things easily? I don’t think so because our brain is wired to do so many things and we always tend to forget things. But have you thought why? In this article, I will explain how you can remember things and act upon them.

Use Brain as a Tool

The human brain is an amazing creation, it can remember so many things. Think like one trigger the another. For example, if you smell something, your brain amazingly recognizes the smell and pulls up an instance that is related to that smell. Not only smell it also works for all kinds of sense. With this powerful tool, you can do an amazing job. Remembering is an amazing art, it has two sides. Our human brain is wired in such a way to forget things to move on with life.

This is not a philosophical article but I wanted to insists on the point that you might not need an external tool if you understand the potential of what a brain can do.

brain connector

Brain Needs a Connecter to Remember

Like I said, if you want to get a job done by 12, then give a connection for this 12. Maybe to start with using a physical clock when you create a task, Meaning look at the clock when and imagine that you are getting done that task by 12. Don’t underestimate your brain, it is your best friend. There is a book called “The Brain That Changes Itself” which explains the power of the brain and how it heals itself through the power of positive thought. Who is the master? It is You! Train it, give it what it needs.

Have you come across this scenario in your life. You have a very important day and you have to get up by 5.30 even though you have set multiple alarms, you wake up and look at the clock. Many times, you don’t allow the alarm to blare to remind you of the time, because you have already awake. That is the power of the brain and you can make use of it.

Create a connector may be a silly thing to a task with the time. For example, to start a task by 12, think you need a mango to eat. So the connector is 12 > Mango > Task. So for this all to work, you have to be time cautious. And you should develop the discipline to work on the task at that time to see success and your brain will record that success and remind you of the benefit of working on the time.

What if everything fails? Have a plan B!

In this mobile and tech era, we hardly remember things, but I know people who meticulously use the system to remember things and succeed in their personal and professional life. If you have a tough time remembering, don’t lose hope. Just try the tools. Here is the list of tools that are proved to be very good in reminding things.

1. Reminders for iPhone:

If you are an iPhone user, you might not need any external tools, just use the default inbuilt Reminder app. That will get the job done.

2. Tick Tick APP

This APP intgerats with many platform and it helps in reminding things.

There are plenty of APPs, but don’t forget your brain is the best Reminder tool. Try to teach it and it will not let you down. See in another post.

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