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Why you need a physical clock when working?

Time management is a huge topic, but I am not going to talk about it in length and breadth. But I going to tell you, why you need a clock on your desk or at your eye view while working. In the working from home scenario, we bound to attach to the work more.

In an office environment, we had the commute time so that was one aspect where we are aware of the time. But when you do work from home, that is gone so you bound to sit longer.

What can we do, how can we stop office time creeping into family time? How to get time cautious? The answer to that is very simple, you need “time awareness

What is Time Awareness?

When I plan something I will see if this can be completed today or not. If not then I will move it to the next day. Only if you become time awareness, you can schedule or prioritize. Here is a simple mantra which can help:

“Prioritize with Responsibility”

Once you get this idea, you can split the time into smaller sizes, here is how I do it. Totally there are 8 hours which can be split into 4 equal 2 hours. In the 2 hours block, I would further split into 1-hour block. So when you do the mapping in the brain, the next step is to physically see the clock to get that awareness.

When you schedule a meeting, have that as a block of time and work around that. In a work culture, you need to respect other’s time, and others have to respect yours. Why? Time is money and Money is Time!

So to get time cautious you have to be watchful of the day. Don’t allow any task to consume your time without your knowledge. That is where the problem would creep in. You be the master of your time.

The physical clock can help

You might say, the computer has a clock, why I should have a physical clock? Good question. Let me explain why the computer clock will not help. There are only two types of clocks, Analog, and Digital. The computer time can be said as digital and the usual clock is Analog. When you see a digital it shows just the time, but when you see the analog clock, it shows the time and it also gives you a sense of how much is left for that hour.

Think clock as a pie chart and you can see two parts already. 1 is how much you have taken and how much is left? See this picture and see you can clearly see how much time is left for that hour. When you do that automatically the implication that your brain calculates how much you have used.

See that is the persective that can help you to bring in the time awareness. Using this you can mind map the time and you can manage your time in a better way.


To summarize:

  • Split your time into blocks
  • Be aware of your blocks
  • Get a good perspective of the blocks using a physical clock
  • Be the boss for your time
  • Using these prioritize with responsibility
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