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A Decent Launcher for Android

Bored of seeing same old style of Android Launcher screen. Its time to style up your phone’s appearance. Recently I installed dodol Launcher. dodol is a pretty decent launcher. It is amazingly smooth and it very easy to install and configure. I was able to change the theme and icons. Good thing it has lot of free theme to download. There are few things you have to consider before changing the launcher:dodol-Launcher-widgets screen

  1. Is the new launcher is user-friendly?
  2. How fast it is?
  3. Is Icon arrangement is spacious?
  4. How easy is configuration and settings?
  5. Does that has good Widget support?
  6. Does that has new theme support?


  1. Lock screen options with good options to view weather, time, battery status, notification etc..

I think dodol satisfied all these. And it has good look and feel, It does not hurt to try this launcher.

Verdict: Give it a Try!

My Rating: 3/5

Download from Google Play!


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