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Act and donot react

I saw two kids where fighting. I rushed to the place and asked them to stop. They did not bother. They did not notice even I existed there. Days passed by the fighting habit did not go off from them instead it become more intense. Every time I tell them “Please do not fight?” they did not hear me! They did not even listened to me for single time.

One day the fight has gone large and one of them chopped others hand. It all happened in a blink moment. I was standing next to them. As usual they did not hear me. One was sent to jail and other is having a miserable life with one hand. I checked the guy who was jail. Finally he listened to me. I did the same to the other guy. He too listened. Both of them listened to me now.

They did not act when the damage is not done, but they re-acted when the damage is done. I am the god of mercy and love. Always act before when you have the opportunity in your hand. Shed all you arrogance and develop love and mercy. Be good all the time.

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