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Mind is a powerful tool

Recently I saw Fringe a popular TV show in US. The ideas, concepts are unimaginable. You can’t even believe your eyes, is that really possible. Mind is such a great wizard which gives plenty of directions and it explore innumerable options.

When I travel I think about many stuff, some are very personal and some are connected to my visuals. I saw some wired visuals which made me think why in the earth I see these.  Let me give you an example for such kind of visual. A small kid was beating his mom with a broom stick. But why?

Your mind will do the rest. It will connect dots and it will give you plenty of stories to support. Have you ever tried to tell a cooked up story to your friends. I am sure you would have done that at some point of time.  Just think of the climax, if you were to change that how will you change that. Now your mind will give you 3 different answers.

Recently I developed appetite towards writing. It is not a simple task. I read many books to get that penitence. Developing a concept and evolving in to a proper story is an art. When I see something I will register that in my mind. Whenever there is an opportunity I will put that into my story.

Your mind is a powerful tool, it has unlimited disk space and with a free HD camera called eyes. It always thinks, some are may be personal some may be very silly but that is you. I always have this question in my mind “Do you control your brain?” OR is your brain controlling you? Which is right? I also think there is another person in me who does that thinking. Weird! But that is true!

This is will be an unending topic for discussion! Just explore more! Register! Make use of it! I think that is how your creativity will increase.

3 thoughts on “Mind is a powerful tool”

      1. When you say you take control over brain, it is in the brain where actually that thought process gets initiated and the rest happens.
        And vice versa, brain controls you, about what you are talking, is same as the above. SO, how come they are two ?

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