It is raining outside! I would like to share one of the favourite song of mine for rain. There are plenty of good rain song. But this one is my favourite. Right from the lyrics and music it is a amazing creation. A.R.Rahman double Oscar award winner composed this song back in 98. Those are his peak growth stage. Combination with Vairamuthu gave him lot of hits.

Song Name: China china Mzhlaithuligal
Movie Name: Enswasakare (My life breath)
Year: 1999
Music By: A. R. Rahman
Singer(s): M. G. Sreekumar

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The song starts with a first two line humming. To understand the song better you should know little bit of the before happening. Somehow Aravind swamy ends with Esha’s poetry dairy. And he knows it is her dairy and he sings the whole song before her but the words belongs to her creation.

Esha enjoys the rain with full compassion and opens her arms to embrace the rain. As she walks Aravind comes in bike. The recording of the rain sound, thunder rumbles are amazingly done.

When the bike comes to halt there is a flower shop at the background. That portraits that Hero is in love with heroine. After having a good look at heroine hero too embraces the rain. The music starts with small beats along with the tune. If you could notice the music also indicated how the rain drop pours. It starts with small amount and ends with huge rain similarly the music too starts with small beats and ends up with full beat.

When hero starts to sing along with the music see the background happenings. Some girls would walk with umbrella and boys would ride bicycle with the head umbrella they adds colourful background.

At 1:38 hero starts the full song with school girls who have same type of coloured umberlla. As he sings through the songs heroine follows him.

At 2:23 the beat moves to north Indian based tune. And it is completely flimy. Hero too joins the troop and dances. At 2:41 A.R.R starts his magical tune, which makes us to move our head. The director realized it and the dance moments is just moving the head. That beat ends at 3:07.

At 3:08 you can see a bunch of flowers and a girl holding a blue umbrella and hero sings the words to flowers and it is enjoyed by heroine from a distance. This is called depth of filed where there is something in the front and something in the background which adds great visual effect.

At 3:17 you will see vendors crossing with colourful and rainbow vege mobile stall which goes with the lyrics.  At 3:58 you will see hero jumps, rounds, splash and runs in the rain water where umbrellas are placed at the ground. The music gels well so you hardly notice it is running in the background. And the whole things runs in the slow motion. This visual stuck in my mind for so long time and I have also tried the same in rain.

At 4:19 the water splash is amazing is captured and it actually splashes in your face if you closely watch. At 4:30 hero rotate himself in run and a couple would cross by in the rain. Heroine sees the same couple with a look which she wanted to do the same with hero.

The music and lyrics and visual goes hand in hand which made this very enjoyable. At 5:24 the graduated students with their robes will go in their bicycle. From this sequence heroine tries  to talk to hero but he never looked back her. The music continues all the way.

Hero crosses normal people, bunch of nurses, vege vendors and lover couples. He then reaches his bike and leaves the heroine puzzled. Even A.R.R repeated the same hum throughout the song he made it very enjoyable. Also he has an amazing talent to finish the song with good note. This songs finish as if the rain get very less and finally fades away with gentle breeze.

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