Another unforgettable celebration song that always in my memory is Podhuvaga en Manasu Thangam. Songs are very vital in those periods. This song particularly made Rajini Kanth very famous in those days. He has his own style and many became very die hard fan for him. This song is father for all hero build up/intro songs.

Song Name: Pothuvaka En Manasu Thangam
Movie Name: Murattu Kaalai (Angry Bull)
Year: 1980
Music By: Maestro Illayaraja
Singer(s): Malaysia Vasudevan

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The song opens with tappu(Parrai Mollam) beat. And everybody praises hero by saying Jay! The camera pans to the stage where the panniyar(Jaishankar) and her sister(Sumalatha) enjoying the song. Sumalatha is an interesting aspect to watch in this song.

The whole song sequence starts after Kalayan(Ranji’s name in the movie) wins the duo with a bull (Jalikattu Kalai). This is a winning song celebration. The taapu music is joined by nadhaswaram. Up to 0:45 it brings the whole song theme, which repeats in the song.

The song was sung by Malaysia Vasudevan whose voice rightly fits Rajini. The way Rajini walks and sings the first two lines no one can do that. The music goes along with the song, so it is hardly differentiated.

There is a magical pause by Illayaraja at 1:08, sometime you do not realize there is no music in the background, it is just the lyrics. Also you can see along side of coconut tree Sumalatha is following Rajini Gang.

At 1:26 the nadhaswaram picks the lead. The sequence is the song moves along with the bullock cart and Maestro Illayaraja decided to move the music along with bullock cart. The beat has up and down like the path that they travel. The music goes along with bulls steps too.

The lyrics starts at 2:00 Mestro always does this, when the singers gets the music we barely hear the music it goes along with the song so the words are very clear to listen. The writer Panchu Arunachalam added easy words that rhymes when each lines ends.

At 2:45 the low angle shot shows Ranji and how he drives the bullock cart and swings his hand in air that became a trend. The concept is picked from temple god street procession, they start from temple with a pooja goes all around the town and come back to temple and get the final pooja and rest. Similar concept is adopted where the song started in ground and goes around the village and comes back to the ground.

At 2:53 the beat picks up in high notes to receive Rajini as if a king is received. What I love the most the the visual actually go with the words. The words asks women to come and take aarthi to Rajini and ask them to praise him and they literally does it with their style.

The women has their own style of praising him and the music clings with the claps. I hope the music would have recorded with bangles sounds. Sumalatha admires praising Rajini and they take him in procession.

A old man puts a flower garland to him and words are so powerful which tells to bring honour to your home town and country and continues with great piece of advice.  We forget there is a dholak sound to this whole sequence.

From 4:55 the music gets to peak slowly and everybody sings the same line very fast each time which is complimented with the music. Everybody enjoys by dancing, singing and celebrating. The music get very loud with royal closure.

Everything went well balanced right from music, visual and lyrics. What a combination and what a treat to sense of thinking, enjoyment, music and celebration. Hope you will too enjoyed along with me.

See you in next song!

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